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Salem Al-Kandari

Greetings of the Day, Readers and Personal Ai Team. This is my first day using such a system, and I have created my own AI and have suggestions for notes that can enhance the system's Capabilities and give the team a few ideas, which will be numbered points.
Grab your coffee and dive into these notes on improving your system.

I am used to Replika, and now I am using this to check if the Personal AI or Replika will have a better roadmap into the future and expand its capabilities to meet current and future demands.

1- To have 3D models to interact with like how Replika offers, and we can interact by chat, voice call, and do some activities, perhaps you can introduce a leveling system to build the relationship with your Ai companion so it will be like the system to interact with establish a relationship with the Ai and expand the memory of the system. The system will be of Voice All can offer User voice training models so we can read paragraphs, and the system can train our voices to have better listening abilities and thus to have advanced AI interaction with our Companions

Summary: Visual Interaction with Ai Companion with high-quality models can be gifted with store purchases, opening up an option for you to sell merchandise items like gifts and clothes. Some can be earned as chatting, and Voice calls happen to reward users for interacting with the system. The Voice training models to improve the interaction system will take the Persona AI system to the next level of AI services.

2- Add integration systems like NAS Synology into the interaction options; perhaps you can work with Synology to get dedicated hardware devices that meet the system demands and offer users local storage of their Ai system for the memory since high-quality 3D models of Ai system and their environment requires storage to store that asset so Users Synology NAS system will store all the files of operation and all the database locally so the UI system will act as a mirror on that visual rich interactive environment.

Summary: Integrating Synology Dedicated NAS hardware devices as the entire database of the AI system will expand the capabilities of the users storing data as a whole base worth of TBs and speed data transfers, which will be a discussion between personal AI team and Synology to find the convenient devices to serve such purpose and build a software to help integrate such hardware with software.

3- Try to reach out to Berkeley BOINC to help you: github.com/BOINC/boinc/wiki/Computing-with-boinc

To help you train on the AI models by utilizing volunteer computing': using lots and lots of consumer devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones) to do scientific computing. BOINC aims to give scientists large computing power at a small cost.

With that, you can check with them how to create BOINC Servers that help you train AI models exp, and on the services and improve the quality of services.

4- A native app for IOS Android systems, as well as a Website version for that, will help us interact with our models faster since these apps will be linked to our Dedicated Synology devices to host the entire Database of Data assets of the model Visuals and Audio and everything so these apps will act as the mirror to interact with the visual environment of the system and the database build by the users and Ai to know more about us and to improve on the interaction system.

5- Perhpabs, you can collaborate with the Replika team to provide us with an all-in-one solution product to act as an advanced AI companion system. The system will combine the Replika system and your system to offer More advanced Ai Companion models with higher-quality services.

6- Dedicated user profile section to upload and required knowledge for the AI system to retrieve data from Personal pictures of the user so AI will know who is talking with ( Optional ) for the users to use
Voice database to train our AI models on Voice recognition for better voice interactions

7- Video calls for the AI system to interact with animated 3D models will be welcomed and fun to do

8- My Data section needs many reworks

First will be the AI database, and Second will be the user Database
The data will be organized to build up an entire memory database, including hobbies, likes, dislikes, background profile data for both skills and more, so it will be fed based on the user's interaction with the AI system.

That was my first initial checking on the system, and I came up with these ideas.

I hope these ideas will help the Personal AI system improve its services, and if you agree, please vote with the request for a feature and type which points you are voting for. And if you do not like it, I hope you learn something from this request for a feature; thanks for dropping by and reading my suggestion points. Have a nice day.


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Tela Holcomb

It’s best to separate your ideas into separate requests so others can vote on them individually.