Autocomplete AI prompts for faster recall

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 01-12-2022

A faster way to recall your knowledge

Your knowledge is only useful if you can recall the right information when you need it. Now with autocomplete, your AI can anticipate the knowledge you need and offer suggestions to save you time and make finding information quick and easy.

Image showing autocomplete suggestions when user types ''what is the''.

You can use autocomplete to:

  • Reduce search time by automatically completing what you intended to type.
  • Increase the number of relevant results by helping you articulate and refine your query.
  • Find common questions you may not have thought to ask.
  • Improve the discoverability of topics you may have forgotten about.
  • Avoid confusion caused by typos and errors.

    How autocomplete works

    Start by typing a keyword into the message bar. Autocomplete will suggest questions you can ask your AI about that keyword. This will help you understand what your AI knows without needing to play a guessing game of how to phrase your question. Keep typing additional keywords to see a more targeted list of questions you can ask to find the information you are looking for. Then select the best question from the autocomplete suggestions list and press enter to get the answer.

    Gif showing user typing knowledge and getting relevant suggestions for it.
    Keywords vs topics
    Typing a keyword and sending it to your AI will have slightly different responses from when you select a topic from the autocomplete suggestions list (topics will show with a hashtag in front of it). You can try sending prompts containing your keyword without a hashtag and with a hashtag to see what gets better results.

    Gif showing user using a hashtag before a word to search for information.
    AI actions for documents and events

    • To search for documents you’ve created in the AI editor or event titles, type ":" into the message bar followed by keywords. Select the document or event from the autocomplete suggestion list to get follow-on AI actions.
    • Click on Show key highlights to get a short overview of the main topics in your document.
    • Click on Show key Q&A to see a list of questions with answers that your AI has learned from your document.
    • Click on Show key questions to only see a list of questions your AI has learned to answer from your document.

    Gif showing user clicking on show key Q & A and getting response.

    The ultimate goal of autocomplete is to save you time and make getting the knowledge you need faster and easier.