Collaborate with your personal AI in the AI Editor

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 01-10-2022

Collaborate with your own personal AI, the way you would collaborate with anyone else. Just start writing and your AI will suggest ideas to help you finish your thought or spark new ideas to build on. And because the suggestions will come from your personal knowledge, it will preserve your unique voice and style. With the help of your AI, writing will no longer be a thing you dread but a thing you have confidence in.

How it works:

  1. Click the “Write” button on the left side navigation bar
  2. Start typing a thought or sentence and your AI will suggest ideas from your personal knowledge. If you don’t have much personal knowledge on the subject, your AI will provide a more generic suggestion from the Internet.
  3. With each suggestion, you’ll see a score indicating how personal the suggestion is. The higher the score, the more it’s based on your personal knowledge.
  4. Your AI can also provide multiple suggestions. Just click the left and right arrows to shuffle through them.
  5. You always have the choice to either use the suggestion or not. You can also turn off suggestions entirely by clicking on “Collaborating” in the dropdown menu and selecting “Editing.”
  6. In addition to suggestions, you can also highlight text to get additional AI actions like fixing grammatical errors and rewriting the copy to express your thought in a different way