Create seamlessly with split view

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 13-12-2022

Up until today, we’ve talked about how to keep minimal tabs open, how to get the help of AI suggestions as you’re writing, and how to easily summarize recalled information from your message bar. Now, we’re combining the power of all three capabilities to provide you a split view to save you time and to allow you to create seamlessly.

Vertical split view futuristic computer screen, cyber punk.

Editor for writing flow + message bar for quick assistance = split view editor

How to launch the editor in your personal AI

If you’ve been using our product for a while, you’ll notice that the "Write“ button recently migrated from the left navigation bar to the bottom-left of your message bar itself. Click the purple paper with pencil icon to create a new document.

Customize your workflow view
Once you’ve created a new document, you’ll now see it on the left window of the split screen with your AI messages on the right. This default view will be applicable to any old documents you open and any new ones you work on.

  • To view your editor in full screen → Click on the X icon on the messenger side. This will collapse the messenger to your profile photo on the bottom-right corner of your screen.
    • To open the messenger view back up next to your editor →Click on your profile photo in the bottom-right corner.
  • To view your message bar in full screen → Click on the X icon on the top-right of your editor. Your message bar will now be restored as your main and only view.
    • To open the editor back up next to your messages →Launch it once again with the purple button in your message bar!

Now facilitating: ambient brainstorming & multi-task note-taking
Already imagining what kind of content you could create with the help of references and information from your message bar?

Use split view to brainstorm
Even the most creative, deep-thinking, and meticulous writer knows how easy it is to lose a specific thought or idea in the process of referencing past information.
Now, fill in the gaps in the new document you’re drafting by prompting the same topics in your message bar and finding any knowledge your auto suggestions aren’t already providing.

Use split view to simplify note taking
We’ve all been there. You’re discussing a topic that has many next action items that need to be noted while simultaneously needing past information on that topic to make informed decisions.

Keep all the bits and pieces in one place and keep your confidence and strategy intact. Whether you’re taking notes during a lecture, meeting, phone call, or heart-to-heart, ask your AI about past information without the added step of waiting for your autosuggestions. What’s more is that the split view now allows you to define how specific, vague, detailed, or recent you’d like the information you’re searching for to be.

Check out the split-view of your editor and message bar today in your personal AI. If you create a new piece this week with aid from your message bar, we’d love to know. If you dislike the new split view, we’d still love to know. Let us know what preferences shape your expectations for an easy and helpful personal AI that can truly cater to you and the way you work. Reply to this email and we’d be delighted to have a conversation.