Edit AI responses in line

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 12-10-2022

What makes a personal AI special is that it pulls from your unique knowledge and maintains your voice and style. But sometimes you want to tweak your AI’s response to update the information, add more context, fix an error, or improve your personal score.

With in-line editing, you no longer have to go through the normal steps to teach your AI new information. You can now quickly and easily edit any AI response directly from within the AI’s response itself. It’s a game changer and a huge time saver.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Hover over a response from your AI and click on the pencil icon within the toolbar that appears to edit the text.
  2. The AI response will change into a text field that you can now edit. Once you’re done editing, save your changes.
  3. The next time your AI gets a similar prompt or question, it will use this new response.

💡 In-line editing is a great way to quickly teach your AI how to respond to the most common questions you (or anyone you share your AI with) may ask. You can enter a question, then use in-line editing to quickly type the right answer. It’s that easy.