💡 Quick shortcuts to make recalling what you know easy

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 15-11-2022

All of your knowledge, easily recalled

One of our core goals for creating a personal AI has always been to make it as simple as possible to recall all of your personal knowledge to help you make decisions, inspire ideas, and create content. One of the ways the unified messaging bar does that is through the new helper menu. You can use it to help you quickly get the answers you need, when you need it.

What did you learn?

Want to get a list of questions your AI has learned to answer based on all the knowledge in your memory stack? Use the "what did you learn” shortcut and click on any question to instantly see the answer.

Latest questions

Want to quickly see what your AI learned from any new information you just taught it? Use the latest questions shortcut. It’s a great way to validate its answer and make any quick tweaks.

What do you know?

Want to know the various topics your AI has learned about over time? Use the “what do you know” shortcut and click on any topic to get a brief summary.

Top of mind

Want to see what topics are trending in your memory stack? Use the "top of mind” shortcut and click on any topic to get a brief summary.

Predictive questions

Don’t know where to start or can’t remember the exact topic you’re looking for? Start typing the beginning of a question or thought and your AI will predictively generate questions based on what it thinks you’re looking for.

Whether you’re an analyst, thought leader, writer, or student, we hope you have fun continuing to explore all the benefits of the new unified messaging bar to unlock more of your knowledge.