Stack Your Knowledge in Multiple AI Profiles

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 19-01-2023

Your personal AI recently got a revamp to be as efficient and multifaceted as you are. Today we’ll show you how to create multiple AI profiles to categorize your various types of personal and professional knowledge, and how to use Cmd+K / Ctrl+K to navigate that knowledge with ease.

Add AI Profiles
Make distinctions between your personal and professional life, work, research on individual topics, passions, hobbies, and more by creating multiple AI profiles.

Power Search with Cmd+K / Ctrl+K
Cmd+K triggers an advanced navigation bar containing a list of quick commands to help you access your knowledge. It also allows you to switch between searching for topics, documents, questions, and other formats of your information based on your needs.

Improved Inbox
Check out your Inbox at any time to see an updated list of your uploads to your personal AI. Your Inbox now allows you to filter content coming from your different AI profiles, making organization automated and referencing efficient.

Filter through raw data based on topics, events, and people that are important to your day today, or get started building multiple AI profiles, at