Summarizing documents and uploads with AI actions

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 07-12-2022

Last week, we explored some of the ways you might store and recall topics using hashtags # within your personal AI. This week, we move onto the second of the three ways to categorize your data using the colon symbol : to quickly recall key questions and highlights from past documents, all from your message bar.

Have you been wondering if going through your long list of uploads or drafts is the only way to bring back your past information?

Not to worry, utilizing : is the unified way to access and recall information from all your uploaded documents, whether you stacked them via the editor, from a URL, or from a Google doc.

AI generated image showing a dive down an abyss of abundant information, hyper realism.

How to bring anything back from your stack with : summaries

Let's talk about how to get your documents to show when entering : in your message bar. We’ll also dive into the options you’ll have to interact with those documents once they are recalled.

How : works
1) Type : followed by any keywords that appear in the title of your document and your AI will autocomplete your search with options of documents with matching titles.

2) After you select and send your desired document, your AI will populate key themes from your document that you can expand and explore. Alongside it, will also be generated questions, answers, and key highlights from your document.

  • Click on Show key questions to see a list of questions your AI has learned to answer from your document.
  • Click on Show Q&A to see a list of questions with answers that your AI has learned from your document.
  • Click on Show key highlights to get a short overview of the main topics in your document.

What can you use each follow up action for?
Show key questions (to show what the AI has learnt from the document)

Use Key Questions from your document:

  • To harness the power of rhetorical questions : Writing a new piece based on past information contained in this document? Use your AI generated questions to promote thought provoking rhetorical questions to your readers before enlightening them with your expertise.
  • To recall the document’s utility: Refresh yourself on the questions covered by this document and share it with anyone you know that has asked you those related questions recently.
  • To verify and update your knowledge bank: Check on your AI’s responses to the listed questions in order to verify accuracy of the answers that followed.

Show Q&A (to dig deeper into your document)

Use Q&A from your document:

  • To create a study guide for yourself: Are you a student, researcher, or simply the kind of learner who processes information best in Q&A format? Treat this list as a study guide, research guide, or database to test yourself or others on the information you accumulate.
  • To create a question bank for others: If you get asked questions after every article you put out or after every report you share, this one’s especially for you. Share this Q&A along with your document to prevent any knowledge from slipping through the cracks in the process of transfer.

Show key highlights (to get a summary of highlight topics from the document)

Use key highlights from your document:

  • To save yourself time: Refresh yourself on the key takeaways within a document without having to read all 20 pages. That's 20 minutes distilled to under a minute.
  • To save others time: Copy and paste the key highlights to accompany the document when sharing with your team members or clients and let them experience the joy of receiving synthesized information just as you did!

Better yet, share key highlights and other prompts that result from your AI’s results when using : to recall documents and events with the community on Twitter or in the #personal-ai-community channel of your personal AI. We look forward to diving into using your personal AI to tag @people in the weeks to come.