Unlock the full potential of your knowledge with your personal AI + GPT-3

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    Kristie Kaiser
  • on 20-10-2022

Your personal AI is built around your unique knowledge, memories, and experiences to inspire you and help you write new content. But what if you don’t have a lot of personal knowledge about a specific topic, or need additional information to complete your thought?

Introducing general AI suggestions. Now, in addition to your personal knowledge, you can also quickly and seamlessly tap into the knowledge of the web through OpenAI’s GPT-3.

You can use general AI suggestion to:

  • Generate relevant content ideas for new topics you’re writing about from scratch.
  • Stay in the flow by getting suggestions for variations on thoughts and different perspectives as you write.
  • Save time by pulling from a huge database of knowledge without having to sift through thousands of links and articles.

How it works

In the AI editor, write some text—it can be the beginning of a sentence, a question, a topic, or even just a random thought. Then, highlight the text and click on the globe icon in the toolbar.

General AI suggestion will give you a useful, high-quality thought generated from GPT-3. If you’d like to use it, you can click “Add Suggestion” to add it directly to your doc.

The combination of your personal AI and GPT-3 helps scale your creativity and streamline your writing process like never before.

💡 Tip

Personal AI is a unique platform that gives you access to suggestions from both your personal AI and GPT-3. That means you can use the best suggestion depending on your need or combine the two to take advantage of your unique point of view with support and information from the web to make your writing stronger. The next time you’re writing in your personal AI editor, try suggestions from both models and see how they can inspire completely new thoughts.